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Success Stories

The Foundation has been created to assist Raymon in reaching more people with his information. He has been traveling and teaching the techniques that he has used and found beneficial so that people can help themselves. Below are some recent letters that show what people have accomplished when using his methods and his DVD's. There are letters just as they were received.

Hey Raymon----- It is amazing since I took your class in Carolina—I took your class because I knew you loved mountains and I find mountain people to be the best. I also wanted to know how to dowse on my farm. What I left with has been very helpful. I have learned how to dowse well and can really influence the energies that control my life. It has become very simple to ask the questions and get the correct answers. I have also been able to help many friends. My business has boomed since I took your class and the love and respect in my family have never been better—again--- it is amazing when you can change energy to do positive things. Thank you for your time. I just wanted to stay in touch. Jeff C

Hi Raymon,
I attended your class in Fl, since then my life and my family's lives have changed :It was two weeks later that we got a letter from the insurance company admitting my husband's disability and asking if he is interested in settlement!! after 18 years ............ now I am in control, I use dowsing techniques and it's really working, he is better every day. Also the energy in our house has changed so is my work's, every time I feel the change of energy I just get my pendulum or my bobber, you can not or you can, imagine how I get along with my coworkers, and also I get more clients. If I miss something I just watch your DVDs and write down the project, it does work.
Thank you Raymon and wish you health and prosperity.

Who We Are What We Do Success Stories Donations Dvds For Sale Webinar Contact Us



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