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What We Do

The goals of the Foundation are to educate people in using their minds to improve their environment.

This work is an extension of the work I have been doing for over 35 years.

Among our projects are providing clean water, clean air, safer schools, lower crime rate and a better quality life for families.

My "Seasons of April" book has been well received by families and I would like to make it available to library's, alternative schools and young parents.

We are making information available to children, so they can learn to improve the quality of their drinking water, create a positive environment in their schools and achieve goals.

This information has been used to improve water quality in several homes, lower abuse on an Indian Reservation, assist law enforcement, improve conditions in a rape crisis center, and lower violence in a school.

We have the potential to create a better future. This Foundation is a way to reach out to more and more people with this message every day.

We have some good news. We have been thinking of how to reach more people economically, and this is it. Since we can’t be everywhere in person, we will come visit you on your computer.

We offered on-line videos for 2 years for $15 per month. We stopped this because we do not have any new information to share at this time.

For our friends in foreign countries, this is little more than the postage it cost to send a DVD or CD to you. They were available around 30 days to watch as many times as you want and share with your neighbors if you like.

We are funding this with our foundation and any profit goes to the foundation to support this work.

We offered this the first year with good results so continued as long as we had worthwhile things to say each month.

We have already filmed several hours of information and interviews with various people sharing their information. For example, we have 4 hours with Gisela Hoffman, Hanna Kroeger’s daughter, of www.peacefulmeadowretreat.com

We have Bruce & Ellen who started the “Baltimore Project” which seems to have lowered the crime rate. In January we will have a trip across America with beautiful scenery and a variety of stories and interviews along the way. There will be something different each month for the first year and then we will see what you want and work toward providing it.

The questions you write in will be considered and possibly used in future films. We want to make the information understandable and as useful as possible to you. So let us know what you think.

Wishing you a lots of Prosperity & Fun!!!!

In 2009, we created a film called Blue Print for Freedom and placed it on You Tube, free to anyone who wishes to watch it. Enjoy and we hope it is beneficial to you.

Blue Print for Freedom

Who We Are What We Do Success Stories Donations Dvds For Sale Webinar Contact Us



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