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The Raymon Grace Foundation
is offering:

Self Empowerment Webinar
Stacking the deck of life in your favor with intent
by Raymon Grace
January 17-20, 2020

A class on your computer brought to you in your home via webinar. Must have a computer and broadband internet access to participate.

Dates and time:
Webinar will begin on Friday afternoon 4:00 PM EST and be available for you to watch at your convenience until Monday at 4:00 AM EST

You must have high speed internet access for this to work for you. And a computer. OR a phone or tablet that will play flash video.

The webinar is prerecorded in one hour segements and participants can watch it at their leisure anytime or multiple times during the 60 hours it is on line. So you can start it when you like, and end it when you like, within this time frame. You can stop, take a break, back it up and listen to a statement again all within the comfort of your home.

This is Raymon's 2 day class, the same information he teaches in his live classes.

It will be approximately 9 hours in length.

The Webinar covers all the material that is covered in his class if you were in the classroom with him.

The only thing you miss is the time when he is dowsing people's projects and their questions. So you get all of the material in a shorter, condensed class because you do not wait while the class is dowsing or asking questions pertaining to their homes and families. You simply pause the video, and restart it when you are finished with your dowsing. So please take that into consideration when planning your time. The recording is approximately 9 hours, and you will need additional time to pause it and do your own dowsing at various times.

We do recommend that you know how to do beginner dowsing before taking the class so you can do your own dowsing during the webinar. If you are new to dowsing, you may want to learn the basics before taking this class. The Raymon Grace Foundation has a basic dowsing DVD called "Learn to Dowse" that covers basic dowsing, or Raymon's DVD, The Dowsing Chart, covers basic dowsing. You will also find a free download of Walt Woods basic dowsing books on the web at www.raymongraceprojects.com

Learn to Dowse is available for purchasing and watching on line at: tsvibrations.inplayer.com

You have time to learn basic dowsing and do some practicing before the event. We highly recommend this if you are just now hearing about dowsing. It will allow you to concentrate on the tremendous amount of information Raymon covers instead of basic dowsing as you listen and participate.

The class is limited to 100 participants and is open to people all over the world. The one requirement for participation is that you have a computer and internet connection that is fast enough to stream video. The information will be in English.

You sign up and pay for the class below. Two weeks prior to the webinar you will be sent a link to a test video. If you can view the test video, you will be able to view the class event also.

Cost is $250 US dollars.

When you register, use the name and email address you want to use for the webinar, the address on the registration is the address we will use to communicate with you. Please be sure the email listed with PayPal is a CURRENT address that you still check.

If you want a different emails address than your paypal account email address, please enter it in the comments section, along with the name of the person participating in the class so we know who to communicate with.

This is the same information as his live classes and the same webinar that has been offered previously.

It is YOUR responsibility to establish email communication with me so you receive the login and information. So if you have not heard from me before Monday prior to the webinar, check you spam. I have sent information to you! If not in spam, email me at faye@tsvibrations.com


After checking out, be sure to select return to the Raymon Grace Foundation website to receive additional information about your webinar!

Webinar $250.00


This entitles you to one webinar.

Remember you have purchased ONE ticket to this webinar. That includes you and your spouse or significant other that LIVES with you.

The materials are all copyrighted and cannot be shared in any way (yes that includes via email, copies or sharing on your computer)

It is not permitted to watch the webinar with others outside those who live in your household (yes that includes all your friends, neighbors and children who live someplace else). Nor is it allowed to split the cost with others and view in a group setting.

You would not expect to do that in a class, you would expect everyone who attended to pay the entrance fee.

This is a class, we have just made it more convenient for you so you do not have travel cost.

Please do not take advantage of that, your integrity is important to you.

To share it with those who have not paid for it is theft and those who steal face the possibility of prosecution. Copyright law is taken seriously.We appreciate your interest and the support of those who are participating.

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