Howdy Folks

THANK YOU for signing up for our experiment to see if it is possible to help a lot of people at the same time. Overall, it seems the experiment went well, although different for some. The reason for this is that people are different.

I read a quote this week in a book of cowboy songs by my favorite singer, Don Edwards.

"If you think all men are equal, you ain’t never been afoot and met a man ridin' a good horse."

In class, everyone gets exactly the same information, some use it and get miracles, some don’t. But they all got the same information.

Same thing with an energy clearing, and the comments you sent to us verifies that.

I really wish everyone could have miracles happen to them. To help this happen, my best suggestion is to change your attitude and expect them to happen and it will likely change your life. I didn’t originate this idea, its been around a long time.

Have noticed that when the energy of a place improves, those of low energy will either change or leave. Why? Because they are uncomfortable with high energy. Humans seem to resist change and it may be true with animals.

This is not to explain each incident you may have encountered. but just an observation of several years of energy work on people.

Some folks wrote to us and asked us NOT to publish their comments. As best I recall, all were positive and have honored their request. The ones that got my attention were those who signed up their family and apparently didn’t tell them and the family still got good results.

Guess I shouldn’t have been surprised as we have cleaned up a LOT of schools, and none of the teachesr and kids had a clue anything was done, THANKs for helping verify this can be done.

If you wish to stay with us for the next 6 months, will be glad to help you and this time I am going to include giving you good drinking water. The cost for this clearing service is less than a cup of coffee per day. We appreciate you participating.

Keep letting us know how this is working for you.

Have a WONDERFUL 2018.


Below are some of the correspondance we have received about the energy sessions.

Hi Raymon, I saw on a forwarded email from Larry a wonderful testimonial about the woman and your weekly energy clearing. I realized I had never written one but I think that service is INCREDIBLE! So, here’s mine:

I have been using Raymon’s weekly clearing for as long as he has been doing it and the result is amazing. I think the important aspect is to do it continually over time so that you build or rebuild a good solid energetic foundation at your home or business. I have noticed that all energies improve over time. I think of it as “Raymon says” you really need to bathe or shower regularly. . same with energy clearing. And that way you don’t start from the bottom each time – so the impact and the results get bigger and bigger. There are wonderful benefits in how people get along, very few conflicts, or arguments. There is a sense of aliveness, plants grow stronger, and seem more vibrant. There is a sense of safety and peace. And, I’ve noticed the snakes, scorpions, tarantulas, and fire ants where I live seem to have moved to a perimeter distant from our home. YAY. . not even in the barn!!! So, I can’t imagine a better way to navigate the chaos and the uncertainty then to have your home cleared weekly by Raymon.

We will post the good, the bad, and the indifferent and let you read them and decide for yourself if you would like to participate. If you do, we will be glad to have you. If you do not, that is ok also.

What a wonderful confirmation! Thank you for doing this.
Our (well) water was silty, but is clearing up.
We've come through and out of a lot of darkness since January and are much more stable and grounded now.

We are very grateful for your work!

I hope you are also blessed with the strength, balance and restoration you've given us.

Hi Faye! I am a big Raymon Fan! We enjoyed his clearings for the first part of the year. I'm a big time dowser and energy clearing protocol type of person, but I had just grown tired of being the only one to do the job, so I signed up for Raymon. Our drinking water had been UNDRINKABLE!!! We had recently put in PVC pipe and the water tasted like glue!. But it also tasted bad in the main house where the water had always bee. Kind of like drinking a bottle of Bleach.

A few days after signing up for Raymon's experiment, I noticed that the water tasted better before you put it through the Britta filter! I showed my husband and he said... "It probably just came clear after the pipes flushed out," Which of course I knew was not the case. The next morning I got up to find an email from Raymon saying that as a special treat for us, he had adjusted our tap water!! I showed my husband and he was BLOWN AWAY!

A few days later I went into the main house and noticed that the ever prominent Britta filter was missing from the counter. I asked my brother where it was, (Pretending ignorant) He said. "The water tastes so good now, that we've stopped using it."

So tell Raymon thank you for me.

Hi – FYI - I recently cancelled out of the subscription, but have decided today to re-enroll. I felt more energetic when I was enrolled. Thank you. J

Hello everyone,

I would like to provide some feedback for the monthly energy clearings that Raymon is doing for me.

I have less pain in my upper back and lower back, and when I do any physical work, the recovery time for my back is decreasing as the months go by. I sometimes feel like I am standing taller.

I sleep better HOORAY !!!!

I have very little depression now - instead of constant depression, I only have periodic depressing feelings, but I can kick out of that now. This is HUGE - have had depression most of my life, as far as I know.

If possible, am requesting extra help for my cat Luna, she is 16 years old, did great with her thyroid treatment, and blood work is fine, but she is having piddle problems even after going through a round of antibiotics for that. Otherwise she seems to be fine.

Thanks so much for all the work that you do for people, every energy session helps.

I have noticed such a shift! The Holidays were joyous and Blessed!
The most significant thing I have seen! We have our buisness in our home, over the holidays people were paying there bills, the money was rolling in for the year end, we were able to pay off a lot of buisness debt and are ready for the new year! This all happened with Ease and Grace! All in all it was a beautiful time on many levels personal and buisness! I have to say I felt so Grateful and Blessed this Holiday season and I intuitively know it was Raymond's clearing.. i also used Raymonds suggestions for clearing family gatherings and travel! Everything went smooth! Just awesome! Thankyou xo

Hi Raymon and Faye,

My husband and I are loving the energy sessions.

I thought maybe you started before December 24th because I was already noticing a change on the 23rd. (He did start on the 23)

From the first weekly round I have noticed that I felt so much more upbeat, and very calm and peaceful. I noticed a positive change in my husband too. After a few days I asked him how he was feeling and did he notice anything different. He said yes, he was feeling really good mentally/emotionally. I figured as much as both of us tend to get on each other's nerves over little things because we tend to get overtired and stressed from work and that wasn't happening much at all. And, when it did, it seemed to be gone right away.

After the 2nd weekly sessions we were very tired. So we slept more. Again, we are feeling so much more upbeat and calm.

I can't really tell for sure yet how it is affecting my 3 cats as the holidays were very busy and I was away a lot. However, knowing how much better it made my husband and I feel, I am sure it has had the same effect on them too.

I am so excited about these sessions and am looking forward to them happening weekly to help us out.

I am hoping that long term it will also help our physical issues too.

Warmest regards.

My husband and I were both full of aches and pains and was not looking forward to going to the Christmas activities that we had planned. We had asked our daughter to do it this year as she had bought a brand new beautiful home and we thought it would be nice for everyone to get to see it. Then we dreaded going. It felt like we were getting left out of everything. Our other daughter, who had planned to stay with us, was going to stay with daughter #1.
Well, on the 23rd, all plans changed. We both felt much better, and joy came back into the atmosphere. Instead of feeling down, I started feeling up. Just started really looking forward to what time we all would have together. And by Christmas it was glorious. I knew daughter #1 was proud showing off her new home, daughter #2 shared her time, and did spend half the nights with us, we got to spend quality time with grandkids and it was a super time.
Since then, nothing seems to get us down. We are so grateful for the extra boost of positive energy we got from Raymon at that time, and since. Thank you both for doing this.

Dear Faye and Raymon -- I wanted to give you a quick synopsis of the results of the first two clearing sessions. I run a small animal rescue nonprofit with approximately 30 cats coming in and out of my home. On both Christmas and New Year's Day after your sessions, there was more upheaval than usual in my household. The cats were fighting, spraying, breaking potted plants, and generally seemed unsettled. Their increased agitation has continued. I hope this is merely the storm before the calm! If you have noticed similar reactions, I would appreciate you posting. Thank you so much for your continued efforts on our behalf. Happy 2017!

I noticed more energy and feeling more optimistic. Also accomplished various projects I have been trying to do but it was like pushing a boulder up a hill.. have a few more of those to go! I signed up for the 6 months and I have a problem with my groundwater, so I am so happy Raymon will be doing the water too.

Raymon and Faye thank you and wishing you and your families a wonderful year.
I felt an energy shift on Christmas. Peace and harmony is not a norm at my in-laws. Instead this year it felt mellow to best describe it.

My dog that had been lame is doing well. I tried to play the video previously and put thoughts into water. For some reason it had not worked for me but the results are in front of me with a dog that has no problem walking.

Business has momentum which was really unusual at this time of year.

The only area of concern is the tension between my wife and I. It was not there previously or if it was it has come to the surface to be dealt with. Will try to put a mental water filter to clean it up.

Christmas is normally a very stressful time and this year was especially stressful as I take care of my elderly parents and my husband takes care of his.

I decided to sign up for the energy session as I figured it just may help and it sure wasn't going to hurt anything.

Sure enough , we made it through the holidays with peace and calmness. Things that would normally upset me or cause hurt feelings did not this year.

It has also motivated me to watch my DVDs and start dowsing myself. In the meantime I look forward to future energy sessions ! Thank you !

Good morning Faye, and Happy 2017! Wanted to share that the biggest change I've noticed in our household is laughter!!!! Lots of happiness and joy around here, and my girls have just completed their Christmas break from school.

Normally, there would have been much more conflict and arguing, but this year there was WAY more harmony over this "staycation".

Blessings to you and Raymon, and thank you for what you do!

Dear Faye and Raymon -- I wanted to give you a quick synopsis of the results of the first two clearing sessions. I run a small animal rescue nonprofit with approximately 30 cats coming in and out of my home.

On both Christmas and New Year's Day after your sessions, there was more upheaval than usual in my household. The cats were fighting, spraying, breaking potted plants, and generally seemed unsettled.

Their increased agitation has continued. I hope this is merely the storm before the calm! If you have noticed similar reactions, I would appreciate you posting. Thank you so much for your continued efforts on our behalf. Happy 2017!

Dear Faye,
I am very grateful for the energy clearing work done by Raymon Grace. This Christmas and New Years with my family was very "easy", peaceful, and enjoyable.

Not that it is ever uncomfortable, this year there just seemed to be increased harmony for everyone. Thank you very much. I am also feeling better physically and have greater hope for recovery.
Thank you,

Hi Raymon,

I ordered clearings for three households. One mine, and one each for my daughters.

All three of us had a fight with our men on Christmas.
Things have quieted down now and seem to be more loving than before Christmas.

Interesting extra here...all of us have been doing some serious house cleaning...the kind with soap and water and big trash cans. Seems to be connected somehow.

I'm looking forward to seeing what the next clearings bring.

We're all over 250 miles apart, so one did not influence the other.

Thanks, Raymon!
I appreciate you.

One night when I was sleeping, I woke up and felt that something had left me..I felt clearer and it's hard to describe...but it felt like something had me in their clutches and now was gone. Like a fog had lifted.
I didn't make note of the day and time, but it was about a week ago.

Then last night, I went to sleep for about 2 hours and then woke up and my mind was racing, and my heart was racing, and 5 or 6 hours went by, I finally took the 'flower of life' out from under my bed, and asked the angels to remove anyone's energy that was bothering me. Finally I relaxed and got another few hours sleep.

Of course, last night may have nothing to do with the energy work, as it is not unusual for me to wake up and feel like I am vibrating to a faster beat than I like.... I sure would love to sleep better and wake up more refreshed.

I will make note in the future when I feel a shift, and keep you informed.
Ps you can always use my initials and place i.e.: AP Petaluma, Ca.

On the afternoon of Dec 24 I realized we would have another dinner guest. My daughters boyfriend.

Not a problem to me but there was a family upset early last year and I had been dreading having everyone under the same roof after that.

I am very thankful to report that everything went very well, not even a hint that there had been a family rift several months before.

I do a lot of energy work myself on all my family but I am open to more healing energies whenever possible. I have 3 of Raymons CDs plus a book. I am very thankful that this distance healing energy was offered by Raymon and I am excited to see many more shifts over the next 6 months. THANK YOU!!!
J R - Prince George BC Canada

I have been studying dowsing with Raymon for 11 years. I have been cleared many times in class. It helps me to be cleared and I have had success with dowsing.

However, being cleared in this group is having a different effect. The first clearing I didn't notice much change but then after New Years I am seeing more improvement. Could being cleared on a regular basis have a cumulative effect on healing? I am excited with the changes I have experienced so far.

1. I am calmer, happier and my health has improved. I had a "spirit of worry" and it is gone.

2. I am 59 years old. So I have aches and pains. I get short of breath at times. Since the clearing I am better. I have more energy. I don't hurt as much and I don't notice any shortness of breath.

3. My son who has O.C.D. (an anxiety disorder) is calmer and has less fearful thoughts.

Thank you so much Faye and Raymon Grace. We had a peaceful and loving Christmas and our 3 children continue to be very happy which is wonderful because we homeschool them. My husbands business is improving too. It just seems like things are going better; as if something strong is protecting us. Sending heartfelt love and gratitude.

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